Omnichannel solutions for every role
Interact with your customers everywhere
Increase leads, sales & receive feedback quicker
Send one-off messages to people or create cross-channel campaigns moving prospects into the next stage of the funnel. Create better stories for your customers.
Acquire new customers
Sell everywhere with ease, Acquiral connects your sales and marketing teams with leads and prospects on the channels they use.
Engage users
Build compelling campaigns with the use of the Acquiral campaign builder. Switch between channels, use templates and keep your prospects and customers engaged through their journey.
Design across channels
Make connecting with your customers across channels seamless. Design personalised campaigns and communication plans delivered on the channels your customers use most.
Gather feedback
Get instant feedback from customers and prospects across channels. Send blended campaigns and generate customer reviews.
A real game changer
Increase leads, sales & feedback quicker
Grow your lead generation, sales and customer feedback through real-time conversations with customers at every step of the journey.
Build your communication strategy
With our campaign builder, you can visualise the customer journey, identify critical points, select tags, build cross-channel campaigns and test your flow.
Do less, achieve more
With Acquiral AI, let us take care of the hard work, we’ll identify the most likely channels your campaigns will get a response through and automatically use that channel.
Easy setup – Pre built campaigns – All in one
Reach customers at any step of the journey
From email campaigns to full blended omnichannel marketing, sales and feedback programs.
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