Join the Acquiral Partner Program
Sell Acquiral, Earn Bonus £50,000
Why join?
Sell everywhere with ease, Acquiral connects your sales and marketing teams with leads and prospects on the channels they use.
20% of revenue
Earn 20% of any revenue from your referrals for the life of the customers. ​
Upfront payments
Not only do you get recurring revenue, we’ll also pay you upfront commissions on the deal.
£50,000 Bonus
Earn a £50,000 bonus just for bringing customers onto Acquiral*
Terms and conditions apply
We’ll give you the Platform! ​
We’ve built something really special here; it makes customer acquisition easier and obviously we want you to succeed so you’ll have access to the platform on an affiliate rate. You too can use Acquiral to be more effective across twitter, messenger and more.
Why choose Acquiral?
We have big plans; growth is in our DNA and the Acquiral partner program sets you up for success. Join the program today and grow with us. ​​
We’ll look after your network
Support is part of our product offering; we know how necessary customer retention is, and so it is our key area of focus to keep your referrals as our customers. As long as they stay Acquiral customers you continue to get paid.​​ ​
We want a partnership
We are not looking for one-hit wonders, so we work with you to make this a successful revenue stream for both parties. ​
100 Customers
Sign up 100 customers, and we will give a £1000 bonus to spend on marketing & promotions ​
500 Customers
Sign up 500 customers and we’ll double down, we’ll work with you on joint collateral, and top up that marketing budget with another £20,000. ​
£50,000 Cash Bonus
Successfully onboard and maintain 1,000 users for 100 days and get a £50,000 cash bonus. ​
Terms and conditions apply
Customer should be signing for minimum 12 months contract
Payout applicable only after customer has paid for first 3 months of service.
Marketing Pack
Available when logged in.
Available when logged in.
Available when logged in.
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